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Agadez town


? is an e-commerce platform for the promotion and sale of Nigerian handicrafts. Therefore, we are exposing worldwide the handmade products selected for their quality among thousands available in the region. We guarantee our customers original high-quality products, entirely designed by experienced craftsmen who are for the most part the guarantors of a unique know-how dating back several decades.


? is the most important city in northern Niger. It is to a large extent a part of the Aïr Mountains within the Sahara Desert. Despite this, northern Niger presents a great range of diversity and contrast both in terms of population and culture, landscape and resources, as well as fauna and the flora. North Niger is also known for the large number of sites of cultural interest belonging to a distant past: (Paleolithic and Neolithic lithic sites and rock inscriptions sites); as well as a more recent past: (pre-Islamic funerary monuments, ancient mosques, ruins of medieval cities, etc.) and it?s also one of the largest uranium mining regions on Earth. The historic city of Agadez was founded in the eleventh century. For centuries, Agadez was an important marketplace for the caravans crossing the Sahara Desert. Since the sixteenth century, the Sultanate of Air has settled in Agadez. Agadez was added to the Lista del patrimonio mondiale dell'UNESCO in 2013. Some major annual events are The ?Cure Salée?: mid ? September, Touareg, Fulani and other pastoralists gather in In-Gall, on the rich prairies of the Aïr. Several festivals as the ?Aïr Festival? in Iférouane or the Bianou Festival in Agadez are taking place each year. “Read more about Agadez”
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Artisan working

I nostri prodotti

Pratichiamo l'artigianato verde. Le tecniche di lavorazione dei nostri prodotti, infatti, sono supervisionate e in nessun momento il processo industriale interviene nella filiera produttiva.

Così, utilizzando strumenti di base, i nostri artigiani realizzano gioielli (oro, argento, ferro, rame, ecc.), abbigliamento (cotone o tessuto tradizionale stampato). Inoltre, scarpe (in pelle), posate e un gran numero di accessori sia per la moda che per la decorazione.

Rapporto col cliente

Offriamo prodotti di alta qualità. Siamo fiduciosi nei servizi forniti e abbiamo istituito un efficiente servizio di relazione con il cliente interamente dedicato ai nostri clienti. Oltretutto, politica di restituzione o rimborso is flexible and totally transparent. AGAD?ART is not only an intermediary between craftsmen and customers. At the same time, it takes full responsibility for all the products you buy on the platform.

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Questa piattaforma è stata realizzata grazie al supporto sia dell'Agenzia Italiana per la Cooperazione allo Sviluppo che dell'Organizzazione Internazionale per le Migrazioni in Niger.


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